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What happens when a person’s life is lived with so much passion, so much focus and so much influence that it continues making an impact long after they are gone? The Bible says, "Abel still speaks even though he is dead".

The same can be said about Geno Roncone. Although cancer took his life prematurely at the age of 23, his impact and passion for sending teens to summer camp continues to live, to speak and to change lives.

God called Geno to ministry at the age of 15. He immediately began preparation with Global University through distance education. During his senior year of high school Geno completed the ministerial requirements for licensing, served as a pastoral intern, and started Highpoint Church’s junior high ministry called Hydrate. At the age of 18 Geno was one of the youngest ministers to be licensed by the Rocky Mountain District of the Assemblies of God. He then went to Boston and attended Northpoint Bible College for two years before returning to Colorado in 2013. Geno served as Highpoint’s youth pastor while finishing his last two years of college at Colorado Christian University. His ministry at Highpoint was characterized by passion, creativity, and the ability to connect with all generations, both young and old.

In December 2015, Geno was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of lymphoma. During his seven-month battle he remained optimistic, engaged, and passionate about ministry. Despite his courage and valiant efforts, he passed away on July 15, 2016 at the age of 23.

One of Geno’s strongest passions was to take as many teens as possible to the annual Rocky Mountain District youth camp. Geno believed camp was a powerful environment where students could experience God, receive divine direction and develop healthy relationships with other teens. The fund invests donations and then uses 90% of the annual returns to provide scholarships to youth camp. The remaining 10% is reinvested back into the fund while the principal is NEVER touched. That means your donations are not only providing a life-changing camp experience, but are growing the fund in FOREVER!

Geno’s voice still speaks. Why? Because there is an entire generation of teens who need to hear another voice! Culture is telling them to compromise, to settle and be passive about their faith. But you can help them hear a new voice at camp...the voice of faith, destiny and purpose.

That’s why we need you to BE the voice, JOIN the voice, GIVE the voice. Be Geno strong!